About me

I am a historian, writer and mother.

Those are the three things that really matter to me. I wear several hats. Wearing my historian hat, I write about the Cold War. But this means more to me than ‘just’ history. The Cold War is a part of my life, it is my personal history too.

I have written about many subjects over the years. One that has been with me for a long time now is the use of the death penalty, particularly in the USA. I wrote a book about that more than 25 years ago, about one young black man who was executed in Mississippi. His story continues today.

Then there is my role as a mother and, these days, grandmother as well. I write about that too, about loss, and have done so since my elder daughter died of cancer aged 32.  It’s another part of my personal history and one which links me to all those who have lost loved ones and grieve.

Writing is an essential part of me. For most of my life, I have earned my living  by writing in books, newspapers, magazines and journals. Now I am also writing through my website.

Recent blog posts

Here are some blogs I have written recently. To see the complete collection of posts, see the blog .