I have discovered, since the death of my daughter Megan, that there is much comfort to be drawn from sharing the loss of a loved one with others who have been similarly affected.

I have also discovered that a great many people nurse their grief in a hidden place and that it is often only by chance that it is allowed to surface.

Here is an example. Shortly after the publication of a book I compiled about my daughter’ life and poetry, I was in the Post Office sending off some copies to readers. The lady behind the counter was very friendly and when she learned that I was posting books she asked me more about it. I told her about Megan’s death. Oh, she said. My sister died of cancer. I have written poems about that. The next time I went into the Post Office, she handed me some of her poetry. We didn’t need to speak about our shared loss. The fact of it was sensed and we trusted each other with that knowledge.

So many people have written to me thanking me for sharing my love and grief with them through Megan’s book. I am glad to have been able to do it.